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European representatives

European representatives

We act as European representatives for asian enterprises, major clients and key account business.

1. Your European branch

  • one contact person for the entire European market
  • easy communication for your European customers
  • concise information about current trends
  • easy processing of orders and invoices
  • European location for international businesses

2. Organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions

  • selecting and recommending suitable events
  • conducting negotations with organisers
  • coordinating stand construction
  • developing the ideal product presentation
  • managing the stand during the event and selling your products

3. CRM- Customer Relations Management

  • close collaboration with your customers
  • regular visits to your customers
  • conducting negotations with customers on site
  • the best service for the customer- inclusive complaint handling
  • no communication limitations owing to time zone adjustments
  • communicating customer requirements to your country
  • prevention of conflicts owing to cultural differences
  • selling your products

4. Outstanding knowledge of the market and its structure and regular market analysis

  • more than 20 years of experience in the market
  • excellent management experience with leading participants in the market
  • the best knowledge in the fields of sourcing, management, sales and product management
  • excellent existing contacts with European partners in Germany and Europe
  • far-reaching experience in collaboration with American, Asian and Europe manufactures
  • finding suitable customer target groups
  • finding and establishing contacts with major clients
  • advice on introducing products into the European market
  • developing the best market approach for Europe
  • monitoring the local markets
  • advise on developing your product for the European market
  • competition analysis
  • evaluating risks and opportunities in the European market